Book Reviews

"Whilst everyone’s journey is different, when it comes to success, there’s one kernel of truth, it comes from adversity. These thirteen remarkable women may appear to have it all, but they are bound by the various challenges they have stared down to achieve their personal victories. If you’re looking for a little motivation for your own journey, begin reading here..."

Catriona Rowntree
TV Presenter


"The significant impact of COVID-19 on women has been widely recognised and is cast into sharp relief in this collection of remarkable stories from 13 Geelong women. For each of them, the pandemic and its consequences amplified struggles and created new ones, requiring them to draw on the strength they perhaps never knew they had. From their stories, it is clear their courage and tenacity were not borne out of COVID-19 but came from a lifetime of carrying themselves and those around them through a diverse range of challenges. Their stories are touching, heartbreaking, at times funny, and inspiring, and serve as a reminder to us all about what truly matters in life."

Cr Sarah Mansfield
City of Greater Geelong


"Life throws you many challenges, and COVID-19 has definitely been a year for challenges. These beautiful women have shared their lives, their hearts and their souls. You can feel the emotion that makes their experiences real. Within these pages is a whole new meaning to life’s adversities, and how we can find the power and tenacity to face them. These extraordinary stories show us that women can be powerful, insightful, creative, and connected when the world throws us a curveball. I enjoyed every minute of reading 13 Wise Women The COVID Year and was glad I had the tissues at hand. An absolute joy to read."

Fiona Skene
Self-Defence, Life and Empowerment Coach
TEDx Talker and a founding 13 Wise Woman


"Inspirational, uplifting, honest and raw. These women have the courage to step up and speak their truth. I laughed, I cried, and I was taken on a journey into the thirteen lives. I related, and I connected to them. There is true power in a woman’s voice when it is spoken from the heart. Thank you, 13 Wise Women."

Michelle Winckle
Business Owner/Auctioneer